the official home of all the "frospottings" by on tumblr

"How can I get frospotted?"
- Check out and make sure to follow @frolab and @missfrolab on twitter to see what events we'll be at with our 'fro-noculars' out always searching for FROS!

"How can I get one of those "Pick Fros Not Fights™" cards?"
- Each color version of the flyer is released as a limited edition. We make a portion of each batch available for sale on our website. Always keep your eye out for announcements of new releases!

"Does the slogan come on a t-shirt?"
- YES! We have "Pick Fros Not Fights™" T-shirts, hoodies, & tote bags available on our store website -

"Where can I see all the frotos?"
-We have over 800 fros (& counting!) in our froto gallery that can be viewed here: -

@AmandaDiva Pick Fros Not Fights! on Flickr.

Diva Diva Yall. #Afronista

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